24/7 appointment booking

During the day most of your customers are at work, so they won’t be able to call in order to make a booking. After hours, in the evenings or during weekends, when the business most likely is closed, your customers have much more time to take care of themselves. Thanks to online booking, they can arrange an appointment whenever they want even when you’re out-of-office. Allow clients to choose their preferred staffer and only see available slots, not your entire schedule. Allow clients to reschedule or cancel appointments online.

Online payments

Accept payments for your appointments and services online, create and email invoices and track your income with a centralized dashboard.

Live booking

The booking widget feeds directly from (and to) your online calendar’s availability ensuring you can’t double book appointment slots.

Virtual reception

Thanks to online booking you will be able to handle more customers without hiring any additional employees. And those you already have will be finally able to focus on what they do best instead of answering phone calls all the time.

Easy setup

With easy setup, multiuser support, customisable timeslots and services, adding online bookings to your website, emails or social sites has never been so easy!