Customise your Day/Week

You decide when you're available. Choose the length of your working day and working week. Set breaks between bookings, prevent last minute appointments, approve meeting requests. TimeSchedule automatically updates availability of staff online, so there are no awkward accidental bookings.

Appointments Made Easy

Simply click on the appropriate time slot to create an appointment and select who the appointment is for. Want to change an appointment time? No problem. Just drag and drop the appointment to a new time-slot or even another staff member’s calendar. You can easily check who modified any appointment and when.

Classes, Workshops or Group Appointments

Running fitness classes or dance lessons? No problem. You can create a group appointments and add multiple attendees. Your customers will also be able to register their attendance online and pay for the class even when you’re out-of-office.

Multiple calendars, locations and rooms

You can set up locations, hours, services, and staff’s booking and availability. Add and manage multiple rooms and get the overview of your diary across rooms and staff members.

Recurring appointments

This feature is commonly used with the group appointments but can be applied for private appointments too. It allows to choose the recurrence pattern of your appointments so you don’t have to setup multiple appointments one by one. Your clients will be able to book and pay for one or several classes out of the recurring classes.

Multi-user support

With a multi user account, each staff member can control their own bookings or share calendar access with selected staff members. Your customers can see availability of individual staff members or combined. This makes it easy for customers to book a best suitable time without looking into individual staff calendars.

Multiple Timezone support

TimeSchedule converts times so you don’t have to, making global calls and supporting your distributed team a breeze.

Calendar Sync

You can sync your TimeSchedule calendar details with your external calendar software. We support Google, Office 365, Outlook, iPhone/iPad/iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail and other calendars.