Marketing and promotion

TimeSchedule allows you to send text or email messages in bulk to all the customers in your database or target them to particular groups. Choose from a number of in-built filters such as gender, age, spending, appointment date and many more. For example, you can find customers who have stopped visiting you and prepare a special offer that will win them back. Or customers who purchased a given service and offer them a complementary product or service. With the ability to combine existing filters your options are limitless.

Holiday and birthday greetings

You can also use TimeSchedule to send out holiday and birthday wishes, automatically! This will help build positive customer relationships and improve customer retention.

Follow ups

TimeSchedule allows you to stay in touch with your customers long after their last visit. You can set the system to send customers automatic check-up appointment reminders or offer complementary products to customers who use a particular service.

The effectiveness of marketing campaigns improves substantially if the message is suited to the recipient’s preferences. You can set dedicated messages for each service, with their own content and dispatch time, making sure customers receive invitations just when they need them.

Reward your customers

Apply discounts for multiple appointments to appreciate your customer’s business. Some customers may not be motivated by savings but instead rewards for their loyalty. The ability to offer packages or gift vouchers opens up a great opportunity to increase future business. Gift cards, Service packages, Credits and Discounts – our booking software handles it all with ease.