Look after your customers

With a single click on the appointment record you can pool customer's details get to know not only who they booked their last appointment with, but also what the service was, what discount was given and what romance film moved them to tears. The system creates automatically an appointment history, full list of purchases customer made in your business. You can use this information to better understand your customers’ needs and know what to do when they ask for “the usual” service. All these details - and more - will allow you to understand your customers better and take your customer care to a whole new level.

Communicate with customers

In addition to the automated reminders you can send clients ad-hoc messages instantly without having to dig out phone numbers or addresses. You can send specific information they asked for during their visit, advertise availability of a product they wanted to buy - anything you need to get across.

Communications history

The communication history of all clients is stored in the database along with information of previous and upcoming appointments. This is just another way to raise customer service quality to a level you would not be able to reach using traditional paper notebooks.